Absolute, Rare and Precious Essential Oil Blends


Mantra Aromatherapy's pre-blended Absolutes and Precious Essential Oils are a delightful way to try some of our range of Rare Absolutes and precious Essential Oils ready diluted for your convenience.

All products are blended with nourishing Jojoba Carrier for a superior end product.

Jojoba gives a reduced risk of allergy* and an improved shelf life for the product blend.

* Jojoba is a liquid wax from the Jojoba bean, and is not a nut based carrier which can cause irritations/reactions for sensitive and allergic skin types.

Jojoba is also a better choice for the delicate, fine skin of the face as it is readily absorbed and contains many micro-nutrients that are beneficial to all skin types.

PLEASE NOTE - if you would prefer a different carrier oil or synergistic combination of carrier oils for your Absolute or Precious Essential Oil Blend then just contact us to let us know, we are happy to assist.