Cardamom Directory



Green Cardamom is a very familiar aroma to most of us, and a lot of Therapists and keen Aromatherapy enthusiasts will already have a bottle in their kit!


Green Cardamom has been universally enjoyed by many generations of people - 

It can be burnt to create a gently sweet & spicy ambience in a room.

it can be used to enhance the effects of a hands on massage or to provide depth of aroma in skin & hair care products, soaps, reed diffusers and bath bombs.

The seed pods are also used to flavour many traditional dishes of food, and the spice lends itself equally well to both sweet and savoury plates.


The range and scope of Cardamom is so much more than just the popular Green Cardamom Essential Oil.

Here at Mantra Aromatherapy we are proud to offer some more unusual - and equally delightful - variants to the usual 'go to' Green Cardamom variety.


Why not try deeply fragrant Black Cardamom - a little goes a long way!

White Cardamom is a gentler and lighter version that falls in between Black and Green Cardamom.

If your looking for something really quite special, that will turn heads and create something truly luxurious and top of the line - then Madagascan Cardamom may be the option for you!

It is a rare variant of Cardamom, but we have finally sourced a delightful product that we are happy to add to our range.


Mantra Aromatherapy are continually adding to our range of rare and precious Essential Oils & Absolutes, and more variants of Cardamom are also in the pipeline.

Do check back regularly to see our latest offerings, as there is always a little something new to try!