Marine & Coastal Essential Oils + Carriers


An interesting and therapeutically valuable range of Pure Essential Oils and Natural Marine Extracts that Mantra Aromatherapy are pleased to offer.

Ranging from fresh & uplifting Coastal Tree Essences, to the swamp and marsh growing Sweet Flag and Mangrove Essential Oils. 

Dip your toes next into the warm waters of Marine Essential Oils like the fragrant Sea Fennel and the complex aroma of Bladderwrak Absolute.

The icing on the cake of this exciting range are the Pink Sea Urchin and Ambergris Pure Essential Oils, and the precious range of Kelp, Chlorella, Spirulina and Algae natural extracts.

There's something for everyone, why not try burning the Pure Essential Oils at home or adding them to a relaxing bath or massage blend?  The products can also be used to make soaps, bath bombs and hair or skincare products for a luxurious treat!