Sacred Lotus, Lily & Water Lily Essential Oils


Mantra Aromatherapy are proud to offer a wide range of high quality, pure Lotus, Lily and Water Lily Essential Oils.

We have searched for many years to find dependable sources for some of the rarest Lotus and Water Lily Essential Oils, and we will continue to add to our already extensive range as more exciting and unusual varieties become available.

In Aromatherapy Water Lily Essential Oils are often called 'Lotus' Oils, and although Lotus and Water Lily's are both aquatic plants (Lily's are not) they each have a separate genus  - this is the first part of the plants botanical name and it sets them apart as two different species.


A true Lotus flower Genus is Nelumbo and

A true Water Lily Genus is Nymphaea.


If you have never tried Sacred Lotus, Lily or Water Lily Essential Oils before we have made them available for you to try starting in 1ml sizes so you can find your favourite aroma's at the best price possible.