Pre-blended Body Massage Oils


Mantra Aromatherapy's range of pre-blended body massage oils have been designed as perfectly balanced synergistic combinations of Essential Oils in Carriers, ready to use for hands on massage straight from the bottle.

Most of our blends were originally formulated over 30 years ago by Mantra Aromatherapy's Owner Caroline - we are proud of the heritage of our pre-blended body massage oils. 

Tried and tested over decades by Caroline's students, clients and by the many Therapist's and enthusiastic Aromatherapy amateurs who come back to us year after year for these convenient products!

Choose from Sweet Almond Carrier base or Grapeseed Carrier base, with a 5% dilution of pure Essential Oils added, and that's it.  No added fillers or extra ingredients/preservatives to artificially enhance the product.

The blend you order is freshly prepared with stock that is held with us in Wales, Uk, which means that you have a full 12 months shelf life on each of our Pre-blended Body Massage Oils - please remember to store the product correctly as this can affect its potency and shelf life!

If you can't see what you need in our extensive range, please contact us to see if we can make your product up for you with Essential Oils and Carriers of your own design - we are happy to help.