Mood Gels


Mantra Aromatherapy's Mood Gel Range are simply Essential Oils blended into soothing and cooling pure Aloe Vera Gel base for a superior resultant product.

There are no extra additives or preservatives - just high quality products so you can be sure of a pure and natural Mood Gel that will be kind and gentle to your skin.

Mantra's Aloe Vera Gel is of the highest quality, and provides an excellent medium for the Essential Oils.

The Mood Gel's are easily absorbed into the skin, and feel cool and refreshing when applied.

Mantra's Mood Gels are concentrated products and a little will go a long way and they should never be applied to intimate, delicate, or damaged areas of skin.

Use - it is recommended that a little of the product is applied to the pulse points - on the inside of the wrist or behind the ears and as the Aloe Vera Gel absorbs in the Essential Oils warm a little and release their aroma, providing the user with a blissful cocoon of aromatic delight!

If you would rather your own preferred blend to be freshly prepared for you as an alternative to our extensive range listed here please email to ask - we are always happy to assist.