Reflexology Powders & Products


Mantra Aromatherapy have a comprehensive range of products specifically designed for Reflexology treatments - Please use the side bar menu to select each range and enjoy browsing at  & selecting your leisure! 

Our most popular Ultra Fine Reflexology Powders have now been added to to include our newest addition - Luxury Powders - showcasing products such as Blue Lotus Flower Ultra fine Powder, Organic White Champaca and Madonna Lily Absolute Ultra Fine Powders.

We also have a newly expanded range of Reflexology Foot Gels - these products are generally used at the end of a Reflex treatment to cocoon the feet in a nourishing and cooling layer of a rich and hydrating gel that is enriched with a range of pure Essential Oils.

Our range of Reflexology Lotion Bases can be used instead of our Foot Gels at the end of a treatment, to nourish and hydrate the feet and lower leg, and come in a wide range of Pure Essential Oil recipes.

After many years of being asked by Therapists looking for a 'start to finish' Reflexology range of products we have also included our luxury Pre-Reflexology Foot Soak Blends.  Designed to be used prior to treatment in a foot bath, we have two types -

Foot Soak with bubbles and Foot Soak with nourishing oils for feet that need a little extra TLC.  Both are available in a range of Essential Oil combinations - and as always, if you require a bespoke blend of any of our Reflexology products just let us know and we will be happy to assist!