Reflexology Luxury Powder Bases


Mantra's extensive range of Ultra Fine Reflexology Powders now have a new addition - Luxury Powder Bases -

Designed for when you want to give a treatment or have a little something for yourself that is just that little bit special!

They are a great alternative massage medium to use during Reflexology, general Body Massage and Deep Tissue Massage providing excellent slip and grip that can be difficult to achieve with other massage mediums.

Our powders contain ONLY natural, ultra-fine vegetable starch and your selected Essential Oil - with no added fillers they are totally talc-free to help eliminate the worry of skin irritation, inhalation and allergy.

Mantra's Reflexology Ultra Fine Vegetable Starch Powders are ready to use decanted straight from the bottle, reducing waste and fuss! 


Our Luxury Ultra Fine Powder range is made using our range of Absolutes and Precious Essential Oils carefully blended in our Ultra Fine Powder Base, this luxury range gives you more choice and a chance to experience some of the finest Essential Oils at a competitive price.

Why not try some out today - they can even be used applied over the body after bathing to provide a layer of unadulterated luxury.