Reflexology Foot Lotions & Creams


Mantra's range of Reflexology Foot Lotions & Creams are best used at the end of a Reflex treatment.

They cocoon the feet in a hydrating layer of either a rich & nourishing Cream (great for dry skin types) or a lighter Lotion that are enriched with a range of pure Essential Oils.

Just apply a moderate amount to your Client's feet and loosely cover the feet for a few minutes to allow the product time to absorb and also to signify to the Client that the treatment is drawing to a close.

Mantra's Reflexology Foot Lotions & Creams can also be used at home for a luxurious daily foot care treatment - and are not just for use in the Salon!

The Essential Oil infused Lotion or Cream can be applied to the feet and lower leg and gently massaged in for a wonderfully hydrating feel coupled with a beautiful aroma - bliss!