Noteworthy and Unconventional Hydrosols



Mantra Aromatherapy are pleased to offer for retail our full range of Hydrosols.

Many of them are rare and unusual Hydrosols, and we hope you enjoy browsing through the range to find a product or two that will be useful for your requirements.

We start each of our Hydrosol range at a sample 10ml size, so you can try out something new without committing to large volumes of one product.


Hydrosols are often called 'Floral Waters', but they are so much more than this!

Hydrosols can be of a Floral Origin, but they are often also taken from Herbs, Citrus, Wood, Berry and Resin base materials etc. 

They are also occasionally obtained from plant materials that don't yield Essential Oils such as Aloe Vera and Watermelon.

Hydrosols are usually a co-product of the manufacture process of Essential Oils though.

They share many of the qualities & properties of Essential Oils (or Base Plant Materials for non-Essential Oil yielding plants) but are milder and have gentler aroma's than their Essential Oil/Base Plant Material counterparts.

Hydrosols are often used as part of daily facial and body skin cleansing rituals to tone, freshen and remove impurities from the skin.

They are also a popular option when preparing Clay Mask's to the face and body as when carefully chosen, their unique qualities enhance and improve the mask's desired effects, whilst also adding a subtle and pleasant aroma - thus making the treatment more luxurious and effective.

Please do check out our Rare and Wonderful Clay Mask bases Range and Moroccan Ritual Range that both compliment the use of our Hydrosol Range perfectly.


Our range of Hydrosols is extensive, but is by no means exhaustive, and if you are looking for a specific Hydrosol that you do not see listed, please do reach out and contact us as it may be an item we are able to source for you!