Rosehip Carrier Oil - Rosa canina

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Botanical Name - Rosehip Carrier Oil - Rosa canina.

Plant Origin - Chile.

Oil taken from - Seeds.

Extraction Method - Expeller-pressed.

Colour - Red.


Aroma - Rosehip Carrier has a strong woody and earthy aroma, making it a useful enriching Carrier in Aromatherapy massage, but as the aroma is stronger than most other Carriers it can distract from the aroma of the blend being prepared if used as a stand alone Carrier.

Absorption rate - Absorbs well into the skin, but takes a little longer than lighter, less nourishing carrier oils.

Shelf life - Up to 12-18 months when stored correctly - see below for full details.


Traditional uses for Rosehip Carrier include -

Good for all skin types especially acne and spotty skins.

It is also widely used for dry, damaged and mature skin types as it is nourishing & rich and has a high content of both Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils, both of which help cell membranes to repair, helping keeping the skin in good condition - and feeling soft and smooth.

Used as a massage medium for hands on massage, as a Carrier Oil to dilute Essential Oils into and can also be added to skin care preparations to enhance and enrich the qualities of the blend or product.

Rosehip Carrier Oil -

Can be added in a 10-20% dilution to enhance other carrier oils, and can help provide prolonged slip during massage due to its nourishing qualities.  Not recommended to use as a stand alone carrier due to its strong, earthy aroma.


Mantra Aromatherapy Rosehip Carrier Oil is -

A pure Carrier Oil that has not been blended/adulterated or diluted in any way.

It is a Vegan product that is cruelty free.

Is presented for retail in a pharmaceutical grade brown glass bottle with a tamper proof cap (for quantities of up to 100ml) for ease of use, or is presented in an opaque wide lid plastic bottle for 250ml and upwards sizes.

Each product purchased is freshly decanted from verified stock in the Uk in Wales.

Mantra Aromatherapy Rosehip Carrier Oil is a Therapeutic Grade product and can be used as part of a Holistic treatment.


Product Safety -

Always store pure Carrier Oils in an upright position with their cap firmly secured in place.

To maximise the shelf life of any Carrier Oil it should be stored out of direct sunlight, in a cool, dry environment.  - A medicine cabinet is ideal or Carrier Oils can also be refrigerated* to prolong their shelf-life. 

*Please note that some Carrier Oils will become more viscous and/or solidify if stored below room temperature and will remain so until gently brought back up to room temperature.


Carrier Oils should never be -

taken internally,

never be put in or near the eyes nor put on areas of damaged or inflamed skin. 

they should be stored away from children and used with caution around babies, small children and pets.

care and Medical advice should be taken before using Carrier Oils to blend Essential Oils in if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or if you have a medical condition.

Always patch test before using any new Carrier Oil.