Myrtle (Red) - Myrtus communis

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Botanical Name - Myrtle (Red) - Myrtus communis.

Plant Origin -  Morocco.  

Oil taken from - Leaves.

Extraction Method - Steam distillation.

Aroma Description - A delicate sweet & fresh camphoraceous aroma with

very gentle herbaceous & spicy undertones.


Traditional uses for Red Myrtle Essential Oil include -

Red and Green Myrtle are both distilled from the Myrtus communis plant. 

Red Myrtle is taken from plants grown in and around Morocco and Green Myrtle from Corsica.

Red Myrtle has a higher percentage of 1,8 Cineole and Green Myrtle has more Myrtenyl acetate & Linalool in its chemical composition.  These chemicals are all great for respiratory support.

Green Myrtle is better for topical applications as it is a lighter and more gentle product, Red Myrtle has a more Champhoraceous aroma and is great for easing congestion in the upper and lower Respiratory system and soothing the associated tension headaches.

Red Myrtle is refreshing & uplifting when burnt, increasing energy levels & focus and is clearing to a tired mind - it lifts a low mood and reduces stress & anxiety.

Red Myrtle is used in skin care preparations where it can assist with conditions such as minor burns, cuts, bites, bruises etc as well as providing relief from spots, acne and oily skin types as it has an impressive antimicrobial, anti-viral and anti-inflammatory index.

It provides support to the immune system as it is strongly antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungicidal - making it a great choice to have on stand-by in the medicine cabinet for day to day ailments such as nail bed infections, thrush, ring-worm and much more.

It can be further used in hair and skincare preparations to assist in reducing free-radicals as it has notable anti-oxidant qualities, making it a great choice for dry, prematurely aged and mature skin types.  It is nourishing, helps to hydrate the skin which in turn reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Red Myrtle blends well with -

Menthol, Spearmint, Nutmeg, Hakka, Eucalyptus, Lemon Eucalyptus, Pine, Spruce and Persian Lime Essential Oils amongst many others.


Mantra Aromatherapy's Red Myrtle Essential Oil is -

A pure and neat Essential Oil that has not been blended/adulterated or diluted in any way.

It is a Vegan product that is cruelty free.

Is presented for retail in a pharmaceutical grade brown glass bottle with a tamper proof cap and its own dripper insert for ease of use.

Each product purchased is freshly decanted from verified stock in the Uk in Wales.

Mantra Aromatherapy's Red Myrtle Essential Oil is a Therapeutic Grade product and can be used as part of a Holistic treatment.


Product Safety -

Always store pure Essential Oils/Absolute Oils in brown glass bottles in an upright position with their cap firmly secured in place.

To maximise the shelf life of any Essential Oil/Absolute Oil it should be stored out of direct sunlight, in a cool, dry environment.  - A medicine cabinet is ideal!

Essential Oils/Absolute Oils should never be -

taken internally,

put on the skin without being correctly diluted first. 

never be put in or near the eyes nor put on areas of damaged or inflamed  skin. 

they should be stored away from children and used with caution around babies, small children and pets.

care and Medical advice should be taken before using Essential Oils/Absolute Oils if you are pregnant, breastfeeding or if you have a medical condition.

Always patch test before using any new Essential Oil/Absolute Oil.

Please note - important information - 

Disclaimer for Mantra Aromatherapy's Essential Oils, Absolute Oils and

Products -

The section on the Traditional Uses of Essential Oils/Absolute Oils is just that - what each Essential Oil/Absolute Oil has been used for Traditionally by generations of users. 

Mantra Aromatherapy are not making any medical claims for the uses of any of the Essential Oils/Absolute Oils/Products we sell. 

Essential Oils/Absolute Oils should not be used to treat, cure or prevent any medical condition and they should not be used to substitute mainstream medical treatments. 

We reflect only what has been written about the reputed traditional uses of each Essential Oil/Absolute Oil to help guide you to a starting point for your own personal requirements, enjoyment and research.