Glass Palm Blending Bowl

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A useful addition to any Therapist's kit!


A sturdy, small blending bowl that fits in the palm of your hand.

Made from toughened glass, that is 3 times stronger than regular glass, is shock resistant (if dropped), thermal shock resistant (if warm liquids are put into it) and can be safely put in the dishwasher to be cleaned.


It is also easy to wipe clean after use and is great for blending bespoke massage blends freshly for you Client.  It reduces the need for using bottles for blending, which can be hard to clean and are often thrown away after use - so its much better for the environment to have a couple of these great little bowls as part of your daily massage kit.


Filling the bowl to just below the lower part of the bowl rim gives you approx. 10ml of your chosen massage medium and then the Essential Oils can be added and mixed without risk of the bowl becoming too full.  10ml would be enough to complete a body massage for most clients.


Measurements -

Diameter - approx. 6cm,

Height - 2.5cm.