Plastic Pipettes - small and large sizes

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Plastic Pipettes are a must for Therapist's and budding novice home Aromatherapist's like!

They help accurately dispense Essential Oils and Carrier's with ease, are sturdy & are no problem to clean with warm soapy water after you have completed your blending for the day.


Our Pipettes come in two sizes -

Small and Large.

The Small Pipette has a calibrated measure etched into the length of the Pipette in 0.5ml increments up to 3ml and is perfect for taking small quantities of pure Essential Oils/Fragrance Oils by the ml or measuring them out accurately drop by drop.

It is a compact 16cm length.

The Large Pipette does not have calibrated measures along its length and is best used for decanting Carrier Oils or larger measures of Essential Oils into pre-sized bottles.  It can hold up to 10mls of your chosen liquid.

It is 30cm length.